Add trackers on Thank you page
Want to track conversion from your landing page? We are launching tracking code in
You can easily add Google Analytics, Ads Conversion, LinkedIn ads, and any tracking service to Thank you page.
How to add a tracking code?
  1. Visit your waitlist settings page.
  2. Find the tracking code in Customize thank you page section
  3. Paste your code and save.
Your tracking will now be added to thank you page.
Let me know your thoughts about it.
  • Team LaunchList
Connect Slack to get new user details instantly
Go to the integration page to connect your Slack and get a notification whenever a new user signs up.
Slack + LaunchList
Webhook is now live! 🔔
Webhook is the most requested feature on LaunchList. We have received a lot of messages to integrate the webhook to take user data when a user signs up. So, we pushed our earlier plan to add webhook to the highest priority.
Webhook is now active on your waitlist. You can find the webhook settings on your waitlist page at the
Currently, you can use webhook to get notified when a new user signs up. In the future, we will add support to get notified when the user confirms their email and when the user's position changed.
Play around with webhook and please share your feedback.
Integrate widget with custom code (Do it yourself)
Some users requested a way to customize the UI/UX of the widget. We understand every website has its own design guideline to follow. An embed using iframe has a limited number of customization.
If you want complete control over the widget, follow the below steps to learn how to add widget using custom code. Or head over to your waitlist integration page.
Step 1 - Create your form and replace the form's action endpoint with the one below. Make sure your form has a class name
and method is set to "POST"
<form class="launchlist-form" action="" method="POST">
Replace the PUBLIC_KEY with your waitlist key. You can find your waitlist key on the integration page.
Step 2 - Create an input to collect name and email.
<input name="name" type="text"> <input name="email" type="email">
Step 3. Add some JS to the head so we can track the referrals.
<script src=""</script>
Integrate widget using Embed
We made the widget faster⚡You can now use the iFrame to integrate the widget.
  • Quick to load
  • Easy to customize
  • Work on any framework without depending upon the framework
How to use it?
  1. Paste the widget script in the <head> section of your page
<script src="" defer></script>
  1. Paste the following code anywhere on your page where you want to display the form
<div class="launchlist-widget" data-key-id="PUBLIC_KEY"></div>
Replace the PUBLIC_KEY with your waitlist key. You can find your waitlist key on the integration page.
View user details from dashboard
View user location, browser, device, platform, language, timezone, and more from your dashboard. Head over to your waitlist submissions page and click on the email address to view user details in the popup.
Share your feedback
We created a place to share feedback, report bugs, and suggest your ideas to improve LaunchList.