Custom logo for emails and branded buttons
Show a different logo on welcome and verification email. Also, set your brand color to customize the color of button on email template.
Show leaderboard on your website
Want to display the list of top users on your website?
Instruction to integrate
  1. Go to your waitlist integration page
  2. Select the tab "Leaderboard"
  3. Customize the widget by
    users limit
    , and
  4. Copy the code and paste it to your website page where you want to display the leaderboard.
ReCaptcha Spam Protection 🚫
Are you getting lots of spam signups?
Setup instructions:
  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to the admin console.
  3. Create a new site.
  4. Make sure you select reCAPTCHA v2.
  5. Add your website's domain.
  6. Integrate the site key on your website (
  7. Copy the secret key.
  8. Open your waitlist setting page and scroll down to find the "
    Enable Google Recaptcha protection
  9. Paste the secret key into the
    Google recaptcha key
Now, whenever a new user joins your waitlist we will verify the user and store in your waitlist submission otherwise reject the request.
Translate static texts in your language
Need to show content in your language? LaunchList now supports modifying text values to your language.
Go to your waitlist settings page, scroll down, and "Translation" section.
Modify the text with the choice of language.
If we're missing something, please let me know.
4 more social share buttons
More ways for your users to share your website link. We have added support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Reddit, Telegram, VK, and email.
If you want to see more buttons, please let us know.
Send emails 📧 with your domain 🔗
We have added support to send emails with your custom domain instead of the default LaunchList (
This feature will completely Whitelabel the emailer and your user will not see the LaunchList branding anywhere.
How to integrate?
Go to your waitlist settings and click on the "
Add a custom domain
" in the Email settings section.
Add the DNS on your domain nameserver to verify your domain. Once added, click on the "
Verify DNS records
" to check the status.
Create a new email address by adding from name and email address and clicking the "
" button.
Close the modal and select the newly created email address from the dropdown and save the settings.
Once successfully integrated, your new emails will be sent through your custom domain.
Let me know your thoughts and feedback about this feature. If you love this feature, please share your testimonial at
Block spams 🤮 with Honeypot method 🐝
What is the Honeypot method?
A honeypot field in an HTML form is a hidden input field designed to work out whether or not it is a spam bot submitting your contact form, comments form, or similar.
<input type="hidden" name="_gotcha" />
to catch spam users and automatically blocks them to sign up.
If the bot fills in the Honeypot input we will return the user back to your website.
Social media icons in mails ❤️📧✨
If you are sending welcome or verification emails, you'll see your social media icons automatically added at the end of the mail.
This will help increase social media following.
Update spots to jump
Customize the number of spots a referred user moves up on a successful referral.
The default spot jump is 5. You can customize the number of up to 30 spots.
Inflate position
No one likes an empty waitlist. Now, easily modify the initial position from your waitlist settings. The new submission position will start from the below number. The number should be greater than the last submission position.
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